Birth of Satan

by Platinum Ice

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A young Platinum Ice recounts the story of how he was blown up, delivered to hell, and witnessed the Birth of Satan.

Produced, written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Platinum Ice in his underground lair in Washington, DC.


Fuck God. Where he at?
I just overdosed on some blue pills, still ain’t seen that cat.
But I see rats and snakes in front of me.
See kids dyin up in these streets,
Billionaire just moved to NW,
50 bodies already in SE,
People stay strapped with that heat.
Or with a bomb blow themselves to peace.
He blew himself up right next to me
And took me to the one I wanted to meet.
It was a little hotter than I thought.
No angels here I was brought
By a Serpent, and I could be mistaken,
But while I was there think I witnessed the birth of (Satan).
He was laughing at me,
Said, “You shoulda just seen your reaction homie.
The fuck you expected, Buddha, Jesus?
Ain’t it clear the world run by demons?
Ain’t it clear I run the fucking game
And used you as a tool, I ain’t playing.
I’m the one who sells all the gats
And points them at whoever speaking facts.
That’s the reason you’re with me now.
I couldn’t let you get away with that, but a matter fact
I’m a give you one more chance to get away with your life in fact.
I’m a give you this book I wrote called the bible,
Filled with stories about hope and survival.
But hidden in the pages are some directives
To murder, hate, destroy entire collectives.
Tell everyone it’s the word of God,
And if they don’t follow it they’ll meet me.
But in reality the irony is
That these words will send them straight to me.
Killing over religion brings me power,
Hating on some pigment brings me power,
Hating on which sex people like,
Brings em straight to me in ya final hour.
People’s gonna turn against each other.
People’s gonna burn and rape each other.
People’s gonna learn to chase a dollar
Before they lend a hand to one to one another.
All the while I’ll be chilling here.
Causing chaos and instilling fear
In the minds of all on the planet,
Til they leave the world fucked and damaged.”
I read the contract made Eve’s decision.
Cause I’m a slave to nature, so delaying death was my only vision.
Programmed to live and let em die.
Stay distracted living in this lie
That death will never come and take my soul,
Serpent’s mouth gaping open wide.
Demon came and handed me a pen,
I looked at Satan just one final time.
“Until we meet again” is what I said.
He smiled and then opened up the sky.
I woke up standing right outside a church.
Walked right in and thought I might be lost,
Cause when I walked in, staring straight ahead,
I saw myself nailed upon the cross.


released June 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Platinum Ice Washington, D.C.

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