Eve's Decision

by Platinum Ice

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Tree of Knowledge.
Good and evil round, who I need to follow?
Serpents in the grass, think they need abolished,
But no God here to save me, just holding me hostage.
I'm at the inception - make a decision.
You gonna give into temptation or take hold of your spirit?
You gonna listen to the lies, false prophets in the sky,
In disguise, as they try to make the truth incoherent.
I've been searching for a minute haven't found any answers,
Seems the ones who make the rules don't abide by the standards.
But all that rule making not gonna leave the tomb vacant
When it's time to stand adjacent to your final commander.
Dropping bombs in the name of the leader.
Then tell me what I do is wrong in the name of ya leader.
Take a bite out of the apple then march right back in that chapel
Say I think we need a battle against the gnomes and the schemers.
I'd rather walk back to the garden face to face with my rival,
Reawaken all the people think we need a revival.
Don't need your books or your tridents, bout to overthrow these tyrants
Don't need any of your guidance bout eternal survival.
I feel like everybody making Eve's Decision,
Corporations, politicians making Eve's Decision.
For the money and the power leave humanity devoured
Til we reach our final hour never leave this prison.
Apple right in front of me, should I reach out and take it?
Is this what I always thought of when I said I would make it?
Do I really have an option the corruption in my conscience
Has me reading through this contract as The Serpent is waiting...


released February 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Platinum Ice Washington, D.C.

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